A Sustainable First Step

The nature of this beast is that incredible results take a substantial amount of due diligence. Almost universally, one could argue that every person wants something better for themselves to some degree. Along those lines, we can assume that such betterment could very well include fitness, aesthetic, and/or health improvement. Surely, very few people would say no to such things if they could be given as a gift.

Constant: We all want to be better

Variable: Strategies to pursue our betterment.

In practice, this usually plays out like this.. John wants to get healthier and he takes on all the things he knows how to do, including exercise, attempts to eat better, etc. Since on this day of undertaking John has a record high motivation level, he takes on things that are nearly impossible to maintain. He works out twice each day. He stomaches the hunger of portion control. And, he literally eats every food that people always said were healthy and he avoids the “unhealthy” ones. And, of course though his efforts are motivating in pursuit of the end goal, they aren’t enjoyable.

Steve's first day snatching.

Steve’s first day snatching.

John is fake. However, we all know what happens to John. When life gets real, training twice a day falls through, being hungry from death-by-portion-control gets old, and for the love of God he wants to eat a meal he doesn’t hate. Boom! Game over..

Without even discussing the details of training plans, nutritional strategies, and meal plans, I think we can infer one thing. Making progress in this game requires some longevity. We all have the goal to be better, some of us just don’t manage the variable of choosing how to get what we want very well. If you can’t repeat it, why take it on? Sustainability is critical.

Is your plan of attack sustainable?


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:
Max 10m Shuttle Runs in 30 sec
-Rest 30 seconds-
Max Ground to Overhead (95/65) in 30 sec
-Rest 30 Seconds-

Rest 3 minutes

Complete 100 KB Swings for time

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