Most Won’t Try

The “competition” is fierce, isn’t it? Pick a lane and it seems crowded and improbable to find yourself at the top. Whether it’s dipping your toe into the world of

Anxiety or creativity? You choose..

The next time you experience anxiety by imagining something in the future going poorly, consider this: Future-based anxiety is misguided creativity.. The same brain capable of filling in the blanks

Memorial Day Quarantine “Murph”

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It’s with great intention that we participate in a Memorial Day experience called “Murph” each year. It’s on this day that we specifically recognize the ultimate sacrifice of those who

Maintaining Agency in Service

Beware! There’s great danger hidden in plain sight. You see, service to others can cloak dangerous resentment, blame, and misguided efforts. How does it work, you ask?  It’s simple. In

DEUCE Presents: Taco Tuesday

Our Tuesday Event Series is fast approaching! This week we will be pairing up with a local restaurant, The MV Grab & Go, where DEUCE member, Derek Walker, is chef