DEUCE Presents: Taco Tuesday

Our Tuesday Event Series is fast approaching! This week we will be pairing up with a local restaurant, The MV Grab & Go, where DEUCE member, Derek Walker, is chef and owner. He has put together the following dishes for us to choose from:

“Meat Head”
1 carnitas taco
1 brisket taco
1 chorizo con papas taco
chips and sauces

“Clean & Jerk”
1 shrimp taco
1 brisket taco
1 salmon taco
chips and sauces

“Peaceful Warrior” (vegan)
1 broccoli, mushroom, almondaise taco
1 falafel taco
1 butternut-corn nut taco
chips and sauces

All Dishes are $13
Flour or Gluten Free Corn Tortillas

Orders can be placed by phone or email at a minimum of one hour in advance. Please provide your pick up time when placing orders. Ordering closes at 5:30p Tuesday May 26.


Tel: 424-228-4679

We hope you’ll join us for Zoom Dinner here at 6:30pm! See you there!


Logan Gelbrich


Daily Coaching Video 

Submit Your Score to the Digital Whiteboard

5/23/20 WOD

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:
15 Prone I-Raise
15 Prone Y-Raise
15 Prone T-Raise
15 Prone W-Raise

Then, complete 2 rounds for quality of:
12 Pushup to Downward Dog
:60 Isometric Glute Bridge Hold
12 Single Leg Glute Bridge (ea)

Then, complete 4 rounds for time of:
30 3-Position Dynamic Squats
(10 narrow, 10 regular, 10 wide)
30 3-Position 1/4 Squat Pulses
(10 narrow, 10 regular, 10 wide)
30 Lateral Skier Jumps (ea)
-Rest :60-

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
Supine neck 3-way
25 Yes
15 Maybe (ea)
10 No (ea)