Anxiety or creativity? You choose..

The next time you experience anxiety by imagining something in the future going poorly, consider this:

Future-based anxiety is misguided creativity..

The same brain capable of filling in the blanks of “What if ___?” with horrific things, is equally capable of dreaming the most wonderful things. The trick is in intervening with your what if spirals; feed them upward, not downward. 

While this might lead you to believe you should only imagine what could go right (not wrong) in the future, that’d only be partly true. What’s more useful is making a habit to imagine your resourcefulness to handle whatever happens, whenever it happens.

Just like you can reframe nervousness to excitement, I encourage you to reconcile anxiety as misguided creativity. Why criticize when you can commend yourself for the ability to imagine?! Commit to the constructive. Onward.


Kimmy Moss



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5/26/20 WOD

Shoulder Health Series:

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:

18 Prone I-s

18 Prone Y-Raises

18 Prone Windmills

18 Scap Push Ups

18 Cuban Presses


Conditioning for a Score:

Complete the following for time:

“Equipmentless Elizabeth”


Tuck Jumps

Narrow Grip Push Ups