Are you ripe for a mass movement?

Human behavior has always been of interest to me, and considering that the leadership of a small population of people is the name of our game I dig into this area deeply.

Like nothing else on Earth - #FakeGym

Like nothing else on Earth – #FakeGym

It could be argued that folks are ripe for a movement when their respective interests and outlook doesn’t fulfill a direct livable purpose. It’s in instances like this that folks are most willing to find some outwardly thing to live for.

Now before I lose you with deep cosmic thoughts, let’s get back to Earth for a second. These “movements” I’m talking about can be as small as jumping from trend to trend. If you’ve had a hard time staying put with a hobby, career, or social setting, these may be indicators that you are, in fact, ripe for mass movements. This, of course, means you’re susceptible to looking outwardly for fulfillment and could benefit from some introspective focus.

It’s our true belief that FFOTB isn’t a manifestation of some fitness trend. The design, language, and execution of this fitness school is based on the notion that this is home. And furthermore, it can be a sustainable home that can fulfill students for an entire lifetime – literally.

Naturally, people may come and go in our program that are jumping from mass movement to mass movement. We each are on our own journeys, indeed. The key, I think, is to recognize markers that indicate where we stand. This telling sign of mass movement hopping isn’t anything to worry about, it’s just an area to take action upon.

May we all live in a manner that is self-fulfilling. I’d only hope that for our students, we provided a program that honors that.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

“Battery Work”

Even: 5 Snatch Pulls (95/65)
Odd: 8 PVC Snatch Balance

-Rest 3 min-

Max Squats

(1:1 work/rest)
45 sec
30 sec
15 sec

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