To a Certain Degree

You’ve heard us talk about this topic before in reference to varying degrees of caliber athletes. It’s the fundamental idea that supports the notion that Lebron James, the Queen on England, and Dan Estes can all scale the same training session with us and get a relatively similar response. This works because these athletes differ by degree, not kind. Lebron James, for example, is made up of the same parts as the Queen of England, granted his muscles are bigger and stronger, but only by degree.

This spectrum approach is nearly universal, too. What other places could we benefit from the observation that there is a matter of degree? Education? Literacy? Nutrition? Skill Mastery?

Wave your #FakeGym flag!

Wave your #FakeGym flag!

What’s interesting about this understanding is that there is always room to navigate laterally on this spectrum. One’s current degree of fitness, for example, can toggle endlessly for the better or for the worse. Even the fittest man on the planet can get fitter. In addition, the least fit person could, in fact, get worse.

Once we accept this worldview, it’s nearly a built in understanding that stagnation is impossible. I often state this in a much more dumbed down manner when I blurt out that, “You’re either getting better, or getting worse.” Depending on your disposition, then, varying degrees magnifies the idea of journey.

This doesn’t end. Fitness doesn’t end, education doesn’t end, skill mastery doesn’t end.

My two cents? Wrap your mind around the idea that we are but a degree of anything. Then, wrap your mind around the unavoidable journey built into that and get to trending towards the better.

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Front Squats (60% 1RM)


“FFOTB Tailpipe”

3 Rounds for time:
Partner A: 300m Run
Partner B: KB Rack Hold (53/35)


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