Pay it Forward

Today we live in this world of road rage, rush hour, stress, violence, plenty of rude people, self absorbed individuals, and the worst ungrateful humans. Personally, I have had enough of the negative energy. So, here is my thought, because what people are doing doesn’t seem to be working.

I can absolutely empathize with people feeling like there are a ton of things to accomplish in our days. Sometimes it feels like you are buried with no light at the end of the tunnel. I was setting goals the other day, and there were a lot of them to say the least. So, how do you add this to the other million things that have to be done?

IPG gets inverted.

IPG gets inverted.

What if for one day we concentrated on being the best-damn-you that you could be. Every task, no matter how menial or paramount, you did with the utmost care and concern. No matter what the odds were that were stacking up against you, you gave nothing but your best, just for one day.

Do you think that this could change someone else’s day? Maybe give them hope to do the same. Maybe somewhere in that ripple effect it saves someone’s life, maybe it saves someone’s marriage, maybe it heals pain that wouldn’t seem to recede for someone, maybe it gets back to you.

I have a fantastic example from my life that did change my day. And, I was not at my proverbial “best.”

I was in the 99¢ store one day looking for a few things, and I noticed a blithering homeless man with a raspy voice going on and on about something across the store from me. I was headed in his general direction for something. I diverted my walking route to keep space between us, because I was in a hurry and you never know what kind of ruckus may come from that situation. I ducked and dodged a few more times, and eventually finally got up to the register. I felt like an antelope in the Serengeti, and this homeless man was the cheetah and he was gaining on me the whole time. I was then in the checkout lane, which suddenly makes me a captive audience, without the option for any superhuman escape moves. Well, as I would expect he walked right up to me. At this point I gave in, and nodded to say “Hello.”

What happened left me absolutely speechless. Out of his mouth decorated with a few teeth came this raspy hoarse voice: “That shirt looks like it was made for you!”

First thought in my head, “I am such an ASS!” I felt as if I was 3 inches tall. I was wearing my Better than Yesterday shirt, which is extremely ironic, because of how I now felt.

On this day, despite all circumstances and stereotypes this gentleman absolutely gave me a tremendous compliment, after I without a doubt was trying to run away from it. Unbelievable! There’s was definitely a hidden message in that one – Geeez! This is a man playing his best hand every time with the cards he was dealt. We should all take a lesson from him. He paid it forward.

One day, give your best at everything for one day. The absolute best version of you that is possible. Not every day has to be a PR day, because the cards you have from day to day will be different, but your best is always available. What does a life of bests look like?

I can tell you that all those goals you set will become the pebbles that pave your path through this life. And your life will be rich, and you will be the start of that ripple that changes someone else’s cards. When you wake up tomorrow, it’s time! All you have to do is your best for one day.

Positive energy will always prevail over negative energy. That is all.

See you at your best!

Danny Lesslie


Wednesday’s Workout:

Complete the following for time with a partner:
Buy In: 400m Run
100 Squats
100 Situps
100 Arch Rocks
Cash Out: 400m Run

*Athletes run together
** While one partner works, other partner has (135/95) in the OH position.

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