Where to Eat When Visiting Venice Beach

Summer is right around the corner! Since it’s the first summer since much of the world has reopened, we figured we’d tell visitors how to experience Venice Beach. 


    •     Menotti’s Coffee Stop. Don’t kid yourself. There’s only one option and this is it. Everything is good (and worth the wait), but if you’re feeling adventurous unhook the black-and-white portrait of Mr. Menotti himself off the wall just right of the counter for a secret menu.

Take your brew of choice for a short stroll towards the beach where you can find ‘Muscle Beach’ from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, the White Man Can’t Jump basketball courts, and the world-famous skate park on the sand. 


    •     Great White. Don’t be afraid to put in your name and go for a stroll until your table is available, because the breakfast burrito awaits you. Eating in a pair? Get the blue smoothie bowl to share. Closer to lunchtime? Everything’s good, but it’d be a mistake not to get the tremendous burger. 
    •     Superba Food & Bread. Big plates and a fun menu await. You’ll likely need a partner to take down the pancake! ‘


    •     Gjusta. Despite the scene and potential paparazzi moment, the food is divine. Get a couple of meat plates and point out a couple of vegetable sides.  In a world where chicken is usually a bland choice, the chicken won’t disappoint. Meat lovers, try the brisket and prime rib with horseradish.

Have a crew? Get a cure fish plate (chef’s choice) to start. Send a friend out to score a seat in the sun! 


    •     Scopa Italian Roots. Do it big. Start with a cocktail and let the sommelier help pair a nice wine for you. The T-bone is an obvious choice. Order everything to share and be adventurous. Chef Antonia won’t let you down!
    •     Hatchet Hall. Never mind that the whiskey bar is one of the nation’s best. The early American colonial-era-inspired food is the restaurant you wish you could take home with you. Start with the rolls (if any are left), have the courage to try the best cornbread of your life, and don’t leave before the pork chop is devoured. 
    •     The Taco Table. Walk directly across the street from DEUCE and the sidewalk set up in front of Whole Foods is the street food that will round out your DEUCE experience. Al pastor street tacos come with a free acrobat show as the cook catches your slices of pineapple midair. 
    •     Barrique. Visiting with your lover? The most romantic restaurant you’ve ever been to is in town! Tell Tony we sent you. The rest is history!

BONUS: Cocktails

    •     Wallflower. The mood is a vibe. Sit at the bar and order the Huo. The whiskey drink involves some pyrotechnics, sweet smoke, and a smooth finish.  
    •     Hatchet Hall. Try the cask strength Old Fashioned. Then, have another.

Friends don’t let friends miss the opportunity for remarkable food in Venice. Don’t be afraid to reach out for more recommendations. We hope you have a beautiful stay!


5/12/22 WOD


Front Squat

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

12 Yates Rows
8 Single Leg Hamstring Roller Curls

Then, complete the following for time:

*50 Yard Fat Grip Carry After Each Round


Sumo Deadlift

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

6-8 Tempo RDL (4-2-1)
10 Yates Row
:30 Self-Assessed Ipsilateral Dead-Bugs (ea)

Then, EMOM 12

Even: MAX Cal Assault Bike in :30
Odd: 12 DB Snatch (70/50)