DEUCE Won’t Name Its Price

DEUCE Garage in Venice Beach might be the only gym in normal operation within a short commute of millions of Angelenos at the moment. Unlike our brother and sister gyms, DEUCE Backlot in Hollywood and DEUCE Athletics in Hermosa Beach who are closed due to mandated closures of indoor fitness centers, our unique outdoor space makes it possible for us to operate while maintaining distancing, temperature screening, and other sanitation protocols.

We’re lucky

We’re also not out of the woods. Every dollar I saved is gone.. again. And, I took every loan we could get. While being sensitive to the ever changing times and those in our industry who are navigating turbulent waters with COVID-19 worse than us, it’s worth mentioning the specific nature of the fitness market in Los Angeles and its implications on businesses seeking to create value.

Without hyperbole, I can say we get 40 phone calls a day:

“How much for open gym?”

“Awesome! We’re excited that you’re excited. Actually, we are a gym where people come to be coached in a group through a strength and conditioning program. We have a number of diff…”

“Ah, man. I’m not interested in classes. I’m actually a trainer. Been one for years. I taught at Mind Body Bump Studio and then over at Bootcamp Plus 5000. How much to just train in the back?”

(Fun fact before we move on. Did you know there are more fitness experts in Los Angeles than non-fitness experts? I had no idea.)

In any case, the scarcity of gym access is proving to leave no limit of people willing to pay $265 to turn DEUCE into their temporary Equinox or Gold’s. My back of the napkin math says we said “No” to a minimum of $16,150 extra dollars last month. 

As an entity that both needs the revenue and is specifically valuable because we don’t allow anyone with money to train with us, we’ll continue to create value in our core business as a place to be coached.

A common trap in business is to misconstrue the goal. Businesses that are compelling decide how they can provide clear, remarkable value in one area. The pretty good location, sorta convenient class schedule, slightly expensive price, so-so parking, and above average amenities don’t get the juices flowing does it? In fact, that sales pitch is incredibly replaceable. There’s almost nothing remarkable about paying a membership to share equipment to train with your headphones on. Instead what we enjoy at DEUCE is an institution of learning with the best coaching experience on the planet. Period. Men and women are enrolled in a program that benefits from the collective commitments therein and the pursuit of performance with a coach and we’ll give you directions to a gym that will let you not lock out your reps on the bench in the back. 

Not all dollars are created equal, people.

8/5/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Odd: 1 Banded Sumo Deadlift
Even: :20 Max DB Vertical Jumps

Then, every 3 minutes for 4 rounds, complete for following for time:
:75 Plank Hold
Max Apnea KB Swings (53/35)