The Cure for Writer’s Block

A common worry with creative work is that the creativity will dry up. Writers have “writer’s block” and every creative genre has their version therein. Maybe you’re reading this and issues around creativity don’t strike a chord with you. In that case, what I’m about to say has everything to do with following through with any style of work. 

Real writers will tell you that writer’s block is a myth. The cure for it is a deadline. When you have no choice but to meet the deadline, the writing will get done. This is the difference between being an amateur and being a professional. 

If you want unlimited creativity and stick-to-itiveness, turn pro and leave no other option. See what I did there? 


Logan Gelbrich



Daily Coaching Video 

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5/28/20 WOD

“McGill Big Three”

Complete 3 rounds for quality:

1) The Curl Up 8/5/3 Reps + :10 Iso Hold

2) Side Plank Accumulate :60 Each Side

3) 12 Bird Dogs Each Side 


Then, complete 5 rounds for reps of:

In 2:00 minutes..

100m Run

15 Burpees

Max Squats

-Rest 2 Min-