Less Ink, More Go

“Ink” can mean different things. You know, there’s the classic: Expo Marker ink. Then, there’s digital “ink” and ink in your training journal. I’m talking about the amount of ink used to write your training. I’m here to tell you that we don’t need more of it, especially if you’re wanting to get fitter. 

In true American fashion, we can get rolled into thinking that more is better. More volume is better. More complexity is better. With this broken logic, a four part training day is better than a two part training day regardless of how those parts are executed. Former CrossFit Games powerhouse Tommy Hackenbruck and friend of DEUCE once said so succinctly, “You don’t need harder workouts. You need to go harder in your workouts.”

As I finish writing this, I’m stepping out to do today’s DELTA BRAVO training. It, much like the GPP training, sometimes doesn’t look like much. Let me tell you something. Often the most effective training bout on the planet is the one that has the straightest path to intensity and that often means less ink. Today is just five (that’s it) efforts of one task (800m Run) is the perfect example. It’s all “go” and almost no “ink”. 

What about five sets of five in the back squat? Brutal. Influencer push ups on a kettlebell into alternating-mountain-climber-sit-throughs-on-a-bosu-ball complexes might be enough to induce a seizure when watching them on video, but hilariously impede both the athlete’s ability to express intensity and, as a result, get fit. These silly things have lots of ink, lots of show, and almost no “go”.

Do less… better.



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5/29/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Towel Slide Pushup (each)

12 Towel Slide Lateral Lunge (each)

8 Plank To Pillar (each)


Sprint Progression:

Complete 3 rounds for total time:

30m Sprint

-Rest :60-

40m Sprint

-Rest :60-

50m Sprint

-Rest :60-