Finishing Begets Finishing

We all want to be closers. Closers, of course, are individuals that finish what they start. They get the job done. Since this coveted characteristic is much easier said than done, what can we do to build more of it in our lives?

It may sound silly, but finishing begets more of the same. Starting and finishing small things bleeds into the bigger areas of your life. Said differently, leaving small tasks “undone” leaves clutter and teaches us to lack urgency and attention to detail.

Want to finish that work project? Make your bed. Want to wrap up the garage remodel? Do the dishes to completion every time. Start small and pretty soon you’ll be a person that finishes everything they’ve started.

Logan Gelbrich


4/12/18 WOD

2 Strict Presses

Then, complete 4 rounds for time of:

800m Run
-Rest 2 min-