Specialty Course: DEUCE Weightlifting

If DEUCE Gym were a high school, the general physical preparedness (GPP) program would be curriculum all the boys and girls attend from freshman year until they get their diploma. In addition, we have a number of other movement courses to learn from that we call specialty courses. These courses would show up like our hypothetical DEUCE High School’s electives from music and shop class to theater and photography. For us, these include things like gymnastics, powerlifting, and rowing.

Remember the unique movement discipline called “weightlifting” (one word not two)? Well, we now have a specialty course called DEUCE Weightlifting to specifically improve your barbell expertise. This class will put extreme focus on your snatch and your clean and jerk starting today. Here’s the program in Coach Christopher’s words:


What the does that even mean?

That means that you’re going to come in and participate in the age old Olympic sport of weightlifting. Maximizing your potential to move large loads from ground to overhead.

Simply said, but not simply done.

Weightlifting isn’t just a sport of strength or speed, it is a true expression of knowing yourself and understanding the absolute value of patience.

I don’t care how much weight you move, how fast you move, but how well you move and the rest will fall in place.

Come learn the basics, in a basic way. Master simplicity in these movements and achieve the complicated.

Step by step.

DEUCE Weightlifting meets Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30PM. Students can drop-in ($20) or pay for the entire month unlimited ($100). Join us!


Logan Gelbrich


4/4/17 WOD

Spend 15 minutes on rope climbing..

Then, complete the following for time:

10, 9, 8… 1 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

1, 2, 3… 10 DB Front Squats (50/30)