The Table

Someone asked me the other day what it was like having two kids as opposed to one. Immediately I laughed and thought back to my conversation with Caleb, who told me that it was 100% harder. When he said this I new he was not foolin’. He was dead serious. As anyone who has kids is well aware. The challenges definitely come by the dozen. I struggled to come up with an answer that did what I was trying to convey justice.

Then, I thought about a table. Imagine all of the things that you love the most on a table. These are things like going to the movies with friends, taking naps, and things of this sort. Then, imagine pushing them off the ends of the table, and watching them fall to the ground and break. Then, imagine getting to the very end of this list of yours until there are only one or two things left at the most. Then, you specifically have to trade something else to keep these things. So, you have to give up something to keep something else that you already had, because you have already made the trade of having a child. My trade was a few hours sleep, and I chose to keep my time working out. I feel the aftermath of this choice on the daily and am plenty happy with my trade. Don’ t take this blog in the wrong way. I would not trade being a father for anything. I would also not trade in any of the struggle for any luxuries.

Do you know the one or two things you would keep in your life if you got down to that point. Evaluating the things in your life and ranking them is surely an interesting task. It also provides a lot of clarity. What are the things in your life that you will not part with? Or better yet, what are the things that you are willing to trade something like sleep for? Are you prepared to change your path to keep the things that are important to you? Live a life that you mean to live. Be intentional. I bet you will be much happier.


Danny Lesslie


4/5/17 WOD

Find Heavy 100′ Sandbag Carry

Then, AMRAP 12

200m Run

10 Toes-to-Bar

10 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)