Are You Specializing Your Way to Injury?

As an experienced athlete, I know my body. Without question I can point to both my biggest liabilities and biggest assets with movement for my health. News Flash: CrossFit wasn’t a liability.

Without question, specializing in baseball hurt my body. Of course, I wouldn’t change the decision to participate in it at the level that I did, but any chronic issues, pain, or dysfunction I have is a direct link to highly specific, repetitive movement practice of catching, throwing, and hitting a baseball.

What are my personal bodily issues? Well, I’ve been fortunate and have endured a great deal generally injury free.I am grateful that I never had to go to slip and fall lawyers in Highland. Nonetheless, I have psoas issues (that’s your hip flexor) from sitting in the catcher’s crouch position for two decades. This means I often have a pelvic tilt that looks like I’m sticking my booty out and arching my back at all times (or lordosis). It can affect my movement patterns, limit my ability to use my glutes, and dump too much work into my back. In addition, my throwing shoulder and elbow are quite damaged. I haven’t been able to fully lockout my right elbow since I was twelve years old. My right labrum has tears which used to be painful and now affects my ability to lockout and stabilize weight. In such cases, you can consult an experienced attorney from a reputed criminal defense and personal injury law firm, who can help you claim compensation for the injury caused. You can contact experienced lawyers for brain injuries if you have encountered severe injuries.

What’s my biggest asset? Variance in training. Growing a greater foundation of general physical preparedness (GPP) has been insurance for my car registration renewal. The diversity in movement patterns, ranges of motion, and requirements of using unlimited combinations of muscle groups has largely improved my own liabilities. When I started CrossFit, I was largely in a lot of shoulder pain in my throwing shoulder. Since it was injured and untrained (because baseball doesn’t believe in weightlifting), simply getting strong and stable in the joint got me out of pain. No need of a Personal law firm in Orange County here! The variance of CrossFit forced me to address my hip issues with my psoas, as well.

Variance in training is a profound piece in not just keeping your body healthy, but being an asset to yourself rather than a liability. It’s absolutely insane the amount of narrow minded perspectives that push an agenda that wants to limit our movement practices. Not only is this completely ridiculous, they often site safety as a justification for doing so.

Tell me your routine and I’ll tell you exactly where you’re broken. Abandon a routine and you’ll be more robust, harder to kill, and in a lot less pain. Even if you’ve found your thing, you’ll likely need to build a bigger base of capacity to support your practice, albeit archery, surfing, yoga, or triathlon, because specificity without a broad general base is historically brutal on bodies.


Logan Gelbrich


12/6/16 WOD

Find a 5RM Regular Stance Box Squat



3×8 Lateral DB Box Step Ups (Ea)

3×8 Med Ball Russian Twist Tosses (Ea)


Then, in teams of 3 or 4, complete 4 minutes of max reps:

100′ Sled Pushes (175/125)