Evaluating a Job Well Done

What makes coming to class a job well done? Is it the effort you gave? Since you worked hard, would you view the day’s training session as successful? I think training with us is unbelievably challenging everyday. In fact, it’s almost dumbfounding that this stuff doesn’t get easier.

Since it’s always hard and we’re always giving an exceptional effort by simply being here, is there a better way, to evaluate our training days? I think there is.

To me, showing up and effort are the starting point. What makes a training session great is the advancement of our progress with movement. Did you learn something? Did you move better than you did previous? Did you take a step forward in your understanding of a complex movement pattern?

These are the golden nuggets that seem tangent to the fitness forward view of time in the gym, but they are remarkably important to your progress and they never lose relevance. Beginners and advanced athletes all can improve skills. In fact, the only real path from beginner to intermediate and intermediate to advanced is through better movement not just more movement.


Logan Gelbrich


10/21/16 WOD

Find a Heavy Split Jerk..


Then, AMRAP 8

10 DB Cleans (50/30)

10 DB Push Presses

10 DB Front Rack Lunges


**Rounds must be unbroken