Start Small and Think Big

Though it was a beautiful morning, there was a humbling reality that I didn’t miss about mentally preparing to coach movement to students in the grass of a public park. Yesterday’s “field trip” was, in some ways, a beautiful full circle return to where DEUCE Gym started (in the park). On the other hand, it was all too real.

Looking back, it’s crazy to think that Danny and I lugged thousands of pounds of gear in two pick-up trucks out to the park twice a day for classes… for nearly three years (SEE: Over night success story). We took ourselves seriously, and even demanded that others do to.

Now, spoiled with walls and an address and things like a private bathroom (that isn’t 800m away), it’s hard going back. How did we do it? Well, part of it was stubborn motivation, but we also didn’t know any better. Like now, we think we’ve made it. One bathroom, no office, and 1,100 square feet of elite training facility is a dream. Others wouldn’t agree one bit, but everything is perspective, right?

For more than a year we never repeated a workout and our only equipment included PVC pipes, medicine balls, and a few kettlebells. I remember the first day we got barbells like it was yesterday. Programming was so easy! In our little world, we all of a sudden had so many new options that virtually any other gym, coach, or trainer would take for granted.

Standing out in that park yesterday reminded me of what’s possible with virtually nothing. If you have time and even a handful of resources, consider yourself bathing in opportunity.

Start small and think big, y’all.


Logan Gelbrich



5/26/16 WOD


30 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 Double Unders

30 Situps