Slowing Time

If you could slow time, would you do it? I would. Hell, life is short, right? Peak life experience, often academically referred to as “flow,” is often associated with altered perception of time. A dinner session of belly filled laughter with the right friends can speed up time so much that before you know it, you look at your watch and it’s midnight. Conversely, a concentrated turn at the free-throw line can make seconds seem like weeks.

This, my friends, is the marrow of life.

Coincidence or not, activities that help you “time travel” seem to be rich in experience. I realized this today training jujitsu where a continuous clock peeps every five minutes to indicate sparring changes. I’ll have you know that there is a padded room on Ocean Park where five minutes lasts a lifetime.

Surely, when you tell your friends that you worked out for eight minutes at DEUCE Gym, no one is lining up to give you a medal, while you beg to differ. Don’t take these time altering practices for granted, no matter how challenging they are. You’re living in the molten hot core of life.


Logan Gelbrich


5/18/16 WOD


10 Pull Ups

8 Front Squats (135/95)

400m Run