Points, Prizes, and Who Owes Who

Another day is here! You woke up (presumably on time). You’ve engaged in your daily routines and duties, and that sun will trot across the sky yet again. Some of us will go to work, others will spend their time at school or with family. The rest will fill their time with other things.

March on, people, but remember that you aren’t accumulating tokens. You don’t get credits. Not even waking up on time or showing up to work affords you a single pink slip of ownership of anything in return. While following so many orders and filings, it’d be easy to assume that someone might owe you something for your effort.

Not a person or a place owes you a thing. Don’t forget it.

Thinking otherwise will nudge you down more rabbit holes than you’d ever willingly go down freely. Assuming something is owed to you will make you an awkward soul, especially when saying goodbye. Remembering there are no points or prizes for participation, though, will leave you free as a bird an much more enjoyable to be around.


Logan Gelbrich


4/22/16 WOD

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

400m Run

3 Stone Loads (AHAP)

9 DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35)

12 Box Jumps (24/20)