Defense is the Best Offense

You want to get things done. I want to get things done. I’m here to tell you that defending your time could be the best offensive strategy to getting things done.

As a coach, I’ve heard (without exaggeration) thousands of instances where someone A) wanted something to happen, B) conceded the time for this desire for something less desirable and C) loathed the outcome. When you defend your time, you win. When you don’t, you lose.

Mark my words. There will always be another option. When it comes to the gym, you can quite easily forfeit your time for exercise in exchange for something else reasonable enough to not sound like a crazy person for doing so. “Hey, the dry cleaning wasn’t going to pick itself up. Can’t blame me!”

If you want it, put it in your calendar and don’t let anyone mess with it. Defend to the death!


Logan Gelbrich


4/4/16 WOD


5 Burpees + 1 Clean (85% of 1RM)