[Explicit Language] You Can Sunset Quote Me

Welcome to the information age. Tah-dah! You’re reading little cute inspirational things like this interspersed with GaryVee videos and sunset/quote Instagrams. It’s incredible and perfectly horse shit simultaneously.

The opportunity to have every idea ever thought available from your cell phone at a moments notice? Incredible. Ping ponging wanderlust inspiration without doing the actual inspirational part? Horse shit.

Keep hyper-vilegent to this phenomenon. If you feel yourself becoming a fan boy of action makers, look out! You’re probably not doing much. We all can appreciate someone or something that “keeps it real,” but help us all out and don’t perpetuate the glorification of dreamer stuff if your life isn’t owning it.

A man much more nobel than I described this perfectly this week when he said:

“I think that there are two categories of people. Watch makers, and those that bitch about the time. The watch maker understands the complexity, nuance, geometry, physics, and NEVER ENDING journey that is required to make the perfect timepiece. These are the .01%. 

The other 99.99% exist in a myopic, self centered world where their only interaction is to glance at their wrist and complain about the time. They can read the numbers, but don’t truly understand them, and how they fit with other time zones.”

The world doesn’t need more fake watch makers on the Internet. Let’s get busy doing hard things. Maybe someone will sunset quote us on Instagram..


Logan Gelbrich


3/25/16 WOD

2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.5

Complete the following for time:


Thrusters (95/65)

Bar Facing Burpees