Risk Free Investment

There’s a chance that I like business more than fitness. It’s a fun game filled with lessons, not unlike fitness. Maybe it’s the business part of my mind thinking out loud when I say I look at something like two or three days a week of GPP training as one of the best return on investment purchases in the market. And, I don’t mean the fitness market, I mean every market.

Of course, it’s hard to hear what I’m saying though the thick, thick bias I have in this example, but bear with me nonetheless. Every time you spend your money, you’re inheriting some type of risk. It’s not always about risking whether or not you’ll get your money back, either. Think about the risk of ponying up a few bucks for a steak dinner. The risk is that it might not be worth it to you after you cut into the overcooked meat or the opportunities you gave up by spending your money in the restaurant might, in hindsight, trump the value you got from your full belly.

Even the more literal investment world is cloudy. The stock market is, well, a market. Stock prices are formed because of the assumption that there are just as many people than think a stock is worth more than its listed value than there are that think it’s worth less that its perceived value. There are no safe bets. Alleged more stable investments like real estate investments are deemed better, safer bets.. until they aren’t. It wouldn’t be the first bubble to burst, and it won’t be the last.

When you take on something new like fitness there is risk, as well. You risk time, money, and effort with the hopes that it will yield results. Shopping around for fitness can help examine the details of cost, benefits, pain points, etc. When concerning the GPP program, we’re talking about ideas so old, so tried, and so tested, that at least one this is for sure, there’s no risk in efficacy. Again excuse my bias, but I’ll give you some key market data. Zero people have committed to just two or three days of GPP and not revolutionized their fitness. Zero.

I find such comfort in an uncertain world that for a relatively small sum of money, the entire corner of my life that is health, physical capacity, and mental fortitude is guaranteed to be handled is too important to ignore. Call it peace of mind. Sure, it doesn’t change that you have to do the work, show up, and so on, but how many things will you pay for, show up for, do the work for, and still risk results?


Logan Gelbrich


3/23/16 WOD


50′ Sled Row (225/155)

12 Hand Release Push Ups

25 Double Unders