Rituals vs. Routines

A new friend of mine, Jon Skaggs, had some interesting things to say the other day. The relevance of his comments for those pursing fitness is a direct hit. During the context of the Whole Life Challenge, sharing his thoughts is a no doubter. We met though a mutual friend from the baseball world. Jon’s past life including a career pitching at renown, Rice University, and beyond into professional baseball. Naturally, we often muse over post-baseball life and practical application of older habits.

Just last week he asked me, “Do you know what the difference between a ritual and a routine is?” Up for the challenge, I took a guess. Swing and a miss. (He’s good).

“Rituals,” he said, “control you. You control your routines.” You can call this a technicality in definitions or understand it as an opportunity to free yourself up. I’d recommend the latter. This key distinction can make or break the automated habits in your life. There’s a fine line between the two. It’s the subtle difference between drinking coffee because it’s 6:45AM because your ritual requires it of you versus the choice to experience a cup of coffee.

There’s freedom in one. There’s prison in the other. Check your day.


Logan Gelbrich


1/26/16 WOD

8-8-8 Back Rack Lunges


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

10 Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

20 Alternating Pistols

30 KB Swings (53/35)