Get Out of Jail Free

Here’s the gist of some of the most common perspectives people have about heath and fitness:

Fitness is a look. Losing weight (specifically around the midsection) is the greatest victory in fitness. Furthermore, all the fun foods are bad for you. “Fattening food” is the most enjoyable, but I have to parlay my indulgence against how much I’m willing to suffer in the gym. Fitness, rather, is a numbers game. The things that make you sweat the most and suck the most buy the most amount of freedom to enjoy a life beyond solely of kale salads and water.

This is prison. There isn’t a sentence above that is true. Yet, so many share this perspective. I pain for those that are stuck in this reality.

If this is you, listen very carefully. I don’t believe these thoughts are your original ideas. You copied them. If you can admit that, then we can start to talk about what’s real and what’s possible for you.

Snap out of it! If your mind thinks in the way I mentioned above, you sounds like a powerless victim. Life isn’t that bleak. Eat foods that make you feels good. Enjoy your meals. Also, don’t lie to yourself. Though it would be convenient if your liquid nutrition shakes, weird soy creations, and “healthy” cereal were brilliantly nutritious. They aren’t. Deep down I think you know that.

When it comes to fitness, get something tangible! Chipping away at your sugar debt by logging mindless time doing cardio is a bastardization of your intelligence. Do things. Improve your capacity for moving yourself and other objects. Learn skills. You aren’t a hamster.

I promise there is such a thing as being remarkably fit and healthy while simultaneously enjoying your meals, not being obsessed with fitness, and having plenty of time to live your life everyday.


Logan Gelbrich


1/12/16 WOD

3 x 8 Single Leg RDL


Complete the following for time:


Power Cleans (155/105)

Box Jumps (24/20)