Default Positions: Make a Better Decision

It’s a trip, as a coach, to observe the contrast between are desire for form while performing fitness movements in class and a lack of movement discipline while performing non-fitness movements everywhere else. For whatever reason, we can’t wait to recite the over-used “good form” line when talking about fitness things, but enjoy poor form everywhere else. There isn’t a referee that blows a whistle when working out stops to distinguish when the time for “good form” stops and regular life begins.

You see, we may practice good position when it’s game time, but it’s the round back, shoulder-rolled-forward, drop hip habits that show up the second it’s not time to perform a counted rep in a workout that I’m talking about. Hell, we aren’t teaching choreography here. There are certain principles of movement that are more efficient, safe, and long lasting. back squat

Many athletes have atrocious default positions, and it’s important that we recognize that movement is movement. When I say “default,” I mean the positions we revert back to naturally when we aren’t practicing something specific. If you stand like shit as a default, it’s easily as important (arguably more important) than how you stand with a barbell. Furthermore, if you try your damnedest to find a flat back/vertical shin position to set up for a clean and press, but round-back-reverse-curl the bar to your shoulder if the objective is just a “press,” I’m talking to you.

There’s a prevailing thought from leaders in movement that there is a direct link between the aesthetic of movement and it’s quality. It’s in our DNA to appreciate, recognize, and be attracted to good movement and repulsed by bad movement. This is not dissimilar to the natural taste/smell experience with good food and rancid food. These are mechanisms that are to be respected, in my opinion.

We need to find better default positions. Stand, sit, move, and live in better positions. Remember, when you reach down to pick up that empty barbell with heels off the ground and a terribly rounded thoracic spine before the workout starts, you probably won’t ever get hurt, but you’ll continue to engrain poor default positions.

“Make a better decision.”


Logan Gelbrich


11/10/15 WOD

Find a heavy triple Z-Press


3×8 Inverted Rows

3x 20 Band Pull Aparts




Run 1 Mile

Max DB Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (45/30)