3 Easy Ways to Gain Weight on the WLC

Well, now most of you would like to see the exact opposite happen during the Whole Life Challenge. Let me give you my strategy for gaining weight on the challenge, so you won’t accidentally fall into the same habits with the opposite intentions.

I’m working to gain about eleven pounds (of fat or muscle) for an upcoming competition. It’s a unique strategy. It isn’t sustainable and I’m completely aware of this. So, unless you’re looking to gain weight fast on the Whole Life Challenge don’t follow these three easy steps:

  1. LEAN HEAVILY ON FRUIT. Dried fruit, fresh fruit, blended fruit, or whatever other kind of delivery method for fruit will do the trick. We’re talking about sweet fruit not just because of its sugar content but because of its ability to drive insulin. Abuse the insulin response and you’ll surely add some poundage.
  2. FOREVER SNACK ON NUTS. In general, we like the addition of some quality fat into one’s diet. The scoop on nuts is that they are so damn easy to eat and, though they are (in a macronutrient sense) a good fat source, they are quite carbohydrate heavy in their nutritional make up. These means they’re a good mass builder often disguised as an innocent fat source, especially in high volume/ I’m-grabbing-a-handful-at-everyone-opportunity-type levels.
  3. RECREATE SEEMINGLY UNHEALTHY THINGS WITH COMPLIANT INGREDIENTS. With some almond flour, two extra ripe bananas, an egg, and a little coconut oil, you’re just a few minutes away from banana pancakes that won’t cost you any points on the Whole Life Challenge. What it will cost you are the lean goals that got you signed up for this thing in the first place, however. This also goes for “Paleo [Anything].”

Oddly, I’ve seen the strategy listed above utilized by folks looking to lose weight. Don’t do that. It doesn’t make sense.

Wish me luck!


Logan Gelbrich


1/15/15 WOD

Find the a 1 RM Clean & Jerk




Then complete 5 rounds for time of:
10 DB Clean and Presses (50/35)
200′ DB Farmer’s Carry
*Complete each round unbroken or face a 10 burpee penalty