Extra Ordinary Humanity

You are an incredible piece of nature. Keep this up and you’ll have even more magic in your arsenal. Human beings are the most intelligent, capable, resilient beings on Earth. Don’t forget that.

Our most basic abilities to read, write, and speak allow for us to progress beyond the stratosphere of possibility for literally any other creature on Earth. Right now, your mind is more powerful than anything else walking the Earth’s. deuce gyn crossfit

Our minds have no limits.

With the most adaptive physicality on the planet, human beings have topped the food chain with physical abilities that exceed survival and extend into style, expression, and mind-bending performances. While every other creature on Earth spends its physical resources on not dying, we are jumping skateboards over the Great Wall of China and free falling from space. Our physicality exists in a world beyond just “survival of the fittest.”

Our bodies are capable of magic.

Even when humans treat themselves horribly with drugs, alcohol, and poison disguised as food, we charge on for decades. If we treated our cars even half as bad as we treated our bodies, they’d be in the junkyard immediately.

We don’t quit.

The shocking news is that all of these words are true of humanity, but you aren’t just any regular person are you? No, you’re the top tier. Simply reading this and training the way you do means your existence exceeds the normal realm of human existence. Your life includes a certain level of extra ordinary.

Do you feel it?


Logan Gelbrich


11/17/14 WOD

Complete 7 rounds for time of:
5 Hang Power Snatches (115/75)
7 Burpee Box Jumps (20″)
5 Strict Pull Ups