Extra Work, Extra Progress

I’m trading typing with sips of my second Americano. It’s Friday morning. I’ve just coached two large classes through some gymnastics movements and with a smile on my face I’m soaking up the office banter with students coming and going from their morning classes.

Though I don’t normally dare write blogs during this time, I had to. Just to my left, I’m looking at four… Count that… Four students are in the midst of their own extra training. Not many words are being spoken. Ewan is quietly working on his pull ups and push ups. Nigel is meticulously searching for more room in the bottom of his overhead squat between yoga poses, while IPG is dabbling with the rope. Meanwhile, “Dad” is revisiting the atlas stones.

It looks intentional and important. Sweaty from a full class of training, they don’t need to be there. This is extra, and no one asked them to do it.

Sometimes specific goals require specific action and these guys are quite inspiring. Take advantage of this place before and after class. You might just being able to add some meaningful skill and training volume to your regimen.


Logan Gelbrich



9/29/14 WOD


25 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
35 DB Push Presses (50/30)
45 Jump Squats
55 Pushups
65 Situps
75 Double Unders