The Conversation We’re All Avoiding

If the internet was a little less virtual and a bit more real, you’d be able to see this website as a hub for all kinds of interesting people. In fact, you’re one of them. The types of folks that check into this website varys immensely. Many of you are students interested in what the day’s training has in store. Others are coaches, athletes, and business owners, both near and far, keeping tabs on what’s happening in Venice. In addition, there are those men and women that are on the fence about trying out this whole strength and conditioning thing for the first time.

Every week this is happening. Literally thousands of people are stopping by to learn, read, and check-in. My main motivation for sharing this with you isn’t to tell you that we have a cool website. In fact, my main motivation is actually to tell you that we could have a much cooler one.

I can’t even count how many times people have told me that they really appreciate the website and follow it regularly. Sometimes something they see hits particularly close to home, so much so that they’d like to chime in with what they think. Most of the time, however, they don’t.

I think if we all realized the opportunity for a greater experience for everyone we’d have an even more remarkable experience at, whether you’re student or not, live close or not, or you’re interested in joining or not. Chime in!

Right now because the site is virtual, we can’t really see that we’re all at a jam packed party where no one is talking to each other. That’s awkward, especially being at a party with this many amazing people on the guest list. Imagine if the blog each day was more than just a thought provoking part of your day that started the wheels in your head, but a conversation starter instead. I want to joke, share, fight, agree, disagree, and push each other, especially since we’re all virtually here hanging out everyday anyway.

Next time something perks your interest on here, share a thought or ask a question. Let’s mix it up!


Logan Gelbrich


9/8/14 WOD

Spend 15 minutes on Bounding

Box Squat

Push Ups