Opinion: Thoughts on Passion Unanimous

There are a number of factors that can define our actions. Our behavior, for example, can be for noble causes or not. We can act nicely or not. We can be funny or not, complex or basic, clean or cluttered, soft or loud, and so on and so forth. Our actions can take us into various areas of interest, too, from finance to athletics and environmental studies to politics.

Nearly every one of these variables is at some point a matter of opinion. If I’m not particularly interested in aviation, bowling leagues, or hot rods, for example, I may not ever have a real appreciation for folks with these elements in their lifestyles simply based on our differences of interest.

Passion, however, transcends opinion in many ways. Regardless of personal opinion, one that lives and practices their actions with passion can have an affect on the world around them regardless of particular taste and opinion. It’s the reason that someone like Jay Adams could inspire beyond skateboarding. You don’t need to have particular interest in skating to appreciate his passion.

I don’t need to like rap music to appreciate Tupac in the same way that I don’t need to appreciate bodybuilding to appreciate and be inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. To live, work, and behave in any way other than extreme passion is largely short sided and uneventful, not just for your own success but for the world around you.

When people talk about how you live, work, and behave will they talk about what you did or how you did it? If you’re living with passion, it won’t matter what you do because you’re doing it right.



Logan Gelbrich


9/5/14 WOD

Hang Clean
*2 sec pause in the bottom

Complete 3 rounds for time:
12 Overhead Squats (115/75)
18 Alternating KB Swings (70/53)