“All of the animals except man know the principle business of life is to enjoy it.”  –Samuel Butler

I read this the other day and stopped dead in my tracks. I immediately thought about our dog Blue, and how he constantly wants to be pet and play and that’s about it. Every day, all the time. He is most content when he is laying on us, or when we are paying attention to him.

As humans we have done a fantastic job of making our lives busy, and hectic. Everyone is late, everyone is stressed, everyone is sleep deprived, everyone doesn’t have enough time. Or, is everyone? Between jobs, and kids, and social calendars, and gym memberships, how can you keep track? How can you feel on top of it?

This takes me right back to the dog. If he eats, drinks, has a place to sleep, and has some love from the family he is set. More or less he lives on cloud nine. And, in return for these things all he does is give love to anyone he comes in contact with, except for the mail man, but everyone is allowed a flaw.

If we could be happy, and just pass out smiles and hugs all day this place we live would be dramatically different. Now that is a bit of a stretch, but by taking a look at ourselves and our own individual situation is a great way to start. What are the things that are important to you? Think very simple. With a singular focus, life tends to slow down a bit.

When I first asked myself, I was a bit stumped. There are so many things that go on and so many things to get done. So, I thought, “Simple, simple, simple.” Ok, the fog was beginning to clear, focus on my jam, what I am best at, and do it well. There are still days where I get lost in the craziness, but the days when I am focused, I find myself much more productive and much happier. For me this requires an extra dose of planning. Well worth the extra time spent.

While on this journey for simplicity, we must not forget to smile and be happy. Just because we have found our purpose, doesn’t mean everyone is in the same boat. We could all use a compliment, or a high five now and then. Don’t doubt your ability to make someone’s day.


Danny Lesslie



7/8/14 WOD

Complete the following for time;
Front Squats (155/105)
Burpee Over the Bar