The Flags You Salute

Which flags do you salute? What I mean, most directly, is to who or what do you give loyalty, defend, and represent? We all have different things to claim. Some of us salute the Paleo flag, for example, while others may claim Veganism. Sometimes these examples can be found with the things we call ourselves. Are you a self proclaimed “runner?” Weightlifter? Republican? Buddhist? Writer? Sister?

It’s fun to find out where our loyalties lie. Furthermore, I’d say, it’s important to know where our loyalties lie. Sometimes it’s a bit eye opening, as well, especially since we can claim multiple camps just like the vegan, CrossFitter who votes Democrat and is a devote Christian.

Salute. Salute. Salute. And, salute!

My reason for asking you to dig into your loyalties is because I want to warn you. Finding an identity is an important thing. It’s empowering. It’s often times the glue that binds communities and creates wonderful experiences. However, “saluting the flag,” per se, comes with responsibility.

If you salute a particular flag, you’ve got to defend it.

As you should, right? Right! Well, what if you’re loyalties put you in defense more than it allows you to think critically? What if it puts you in defense more than it allows you to grow? What if it puts you in defense more than it allows you to be wrong?

What if your identity as a CrossFitter, for example, has you defending and justifying it more than exploring movement and finding your fitness potential? If you’re more of a vegetarian than you are a human-being, then you’d better fight to the death for vegetarianism, right? Because, then, well… what are you if vegetarianism, for example, is “wrong?” Not much, apparently.

Do you see what I mean?

To be clear, I’m not asking you to be disloyal. I’m asking you to think critically and choose the flags in which you salute wisely. What you may find is that claiming absolute identities might come with more logical failures than you may be comfortable with, which leaves three scenarios:

1. Defend your position (even though it’s wrong) at all costs to save face.

2. Exist as a fraud.

3. Give up loyalty and move forward with your thinking.

The problem is few people choose number three in an ingrained identity. After thinking this way for some time, my personal journey includes saluting very few, choice flags. You, too, might find it liberating to salute say… a pirate flag, instead?

Ask big questions. It’s a revolution, people.



Logan Gelbrich



6/27/14 WOD

Complete the following for time:

800m Run
15 Deadlifts (BW)
400m Run
20 Deadlifts
200m Run
25 Deadlifts
50 Hand Release Pushups