If you were a light, what kind of light would you be? Really think about it. Are you a flashlight, or a flood light, or a nightlight, or a streetlight? What is your purpose? What is your unique calling? Why are you here? Are you just a light bulb on a shelf in a store? Are you a very dim light bulb in the wrong socket? Are you on a dimmer switch?

These questions may seem a bit silly, and the example may seem a bit basic but if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. If you plug a nightlight in where a streetlight is supposed to be, what you get is not a lot of light and a very dark street. If you put a streetlight where a nightlight is supposed to be, you get no sleep and a room with a hole in the roof. Now, neither of these lights are failing at their individual purpose, they are just in the wrong place.

You, just like a light bulb have a very distinct purpose, and a very unique set of talents and abilities. When you are doing things you love, your light shines at its brightest, and to be honest, we all need our streetlights and our headlights and our reading lights. But more than this, we need each other to find our own lights.

A Christmas tree just doesn’t quite look the same covered in Mag-lights. Well, when you are trying to be someone else and not feeling good about your second rate version of them, your light is dimmed. Forget that. Do you. And, do you well. There are people in your life that need your light, and the most important of those people is you. Tomorrow let’s all get up, flip that switch and let it shine!

You rock!


Danny Lesslie


6/29/14 WOD

Accumulate 4 min Inverted
*scale as appropriate
A: Plank
B: Down Dog
C: Box
D: Handstand

Complete 5 rounds for time:
8 DBL KB Push Press (53/35)
8 DBL KB Front Squats
*rest as needed between rounds
**16 reps must be unbroken, penalty is 10 Burpees per broken set to be completed at the end