Intensity: An Acquired Taste

We know that there’s a great deal of fitness to be gained from training in a state of intensity, especially when compared to training without intensity. We also know that this “state” is relative, meaning what’s intense for you may be different that what is intense for me. That being said, gaining a comfortably with training in this red zone is an acquired taste.

What we find is, that like any other skill, learning to access your sweet spot of intensity in training takes experience. In that way, one could argue that there’s no better way to learn how to walk that line of intensity than with monostructural movements like running, biking, rowing, and swimming. There simplicity allow us to get straight to the point, if you will.

Today’s focus, then, is two fold. First and foremost, we have an exposure to a 5K time trial. For some athletes this will be a baseline from which to grow from, while for others this will be a test and a chance for a personal record. The second goal for the day is to seek out this “red zone” of intensity.

As you run the course, you can meter your intensity literally from stride to stride. If you’re running a little hot, you can slow your speed to lower intensity. If you feel in control, then it may be time to kick up the pace. In either case, I’d like to challenge you all to become familiar with your specific limit of intensity today.

Lace ’em up!


Logan Gelbrich



2/24/14 WOD

Run 5K