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I spent yesterday morning at the courthouse. Yup, yours truly had to stand before a judge. I guess I can’t talk it up too much, I didn’t get into any real trouble. I was pulled over about a year ago for having expired tags on my truck. Long story short, the officer scratched out his original citation and tried to let me off with a much less  punishable “fix-it-ticket.” Since my truck is still in my dad’s name (he bought it for me in high school), the officer couldn’t cite me for the tags. Instead, he wrote me a ticket to change my address on my driver’s license, which was a mere formality because he could write me up for that. But hey, it was just a $25 fine.

Fast forward a year. I’ve asked for an extension, missed my extension, failed to show proof of the change of address, lost my original ticket, and found a way to complain about it all. I had reasons for everything. I had opinions on how much of a waste of time everything was. I had a real story of officer negligence. I had a busy work life to justify it all. And, I had dozens of people agree with me.

Do you know what I didn’t have?

I didn’t have my problem solved.

And, as I sat my smart ass down in that courtroom thinking about this whole ordeal, I realized this. Guess what? In the end, I had everything under the sun except a resolution to the problem. And, that’s just it. It must be human nature. So many people will explain away every single reason, backup reason, justification, and supporting cast to defend their problem. And, I’d like to add, (almost) rightly so.

Yet, they’ve all forgotten the most important thing; the problem.

How about this example? You’re right. You are busy, money is tight, you do have a bad back, and you’re right, you do get off work late. But, guess what? You don’t have your health. If you’ve got all the reasons, fans, and support for your issue, that’s great. Just make sure you understand you’ve got everything but a solution. And, until we can cash in our reasons for not having results as actual results, this kind of attitude won’t pan out.


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

Find 3 RM Deadlift

6x 400m Run

-Rest 2 min-


[SEE: 6/6/2013]