Put Your Name On It

For most Americans, there are very few times throughout the work week to claim something as your own. Most traditional jobs make workers feel more like a replaceable number than a true mover and shaker. With this framework, I’m realizing that few people get the opportunity to say, “You see that? That’s my work. I did that.”

Of course, not everyone is in that boat. Maybe some architects, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, and the like get to feel like they are putting their name to something. Yet, millions of people man a desk for a life of spreadsheets, data entry, and/or unremarkable sales calls.

It’s that life that worries me.

You all have an opportunity here with us. Whether you get to create, be accountable, and feel true pride in your day job or not, you can here at the bluffs. Sure, it’s just exercise, but it is yours. When you finished the day, you’ll have some numbers next to your name on the whiteboard and you can own that. You did that. There is a great deal of pride to receiving notable credit for your work. Therefore, we might as well put forth an effort worthy of being next to your name, right? What do you say?


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:
Weighted Push Up

Complete 4 rounds for reps:
In 3 minutes:
1:00 Squat Hold
200m Run
Max Burpee to Plate