Community Helps ‘Break In’ DEUCE Gym

Sitting down to describe the day’s events at 10PM isn’t setting myself up for much success but, to be honest, even if I was well rested, it’d be impossible to do the day justice. We just wrapped up our FFOTB field trip to our new fitness school in Venice, DEUCE Gym, and it was a hit! Twenty two students took on a grueling three part workout and a dozen or more friends and family members watched and cheered.



It was the first time we’ve invited the public to train at DEUCE, and the energy was incredible. Music, barbells, the honks from impressed passers by, and a whole lot of sweat captivated the corner of Lincoln Blvd and Commonwealth for an hour. Guys and girls carried heavy farmer’s handles, jumped on boxes, and even tackled their first ever experiences with gymnastic elements on the pull up rig.

I could go on and on about this community and the staff of leaders at DEUCE, but separating those two would be inaccurate. Our leadership is built straight from our community. Furthermore, it’s our community that leads.

It’s tough for me to write about what we all saw today and ignore what’s been behind the scenes the last few months, too. We’ve been to hell and back, and I wouldn’t want to walk down a dark alley with anyone but this team by my side. You’re all bad ass, top to bottom.

Thank you all for showing up and working hard. To Scotty McGee and Armen, the CFLA crew (our birthplace), my dad, lululemon, and the rest of the best damn community in the world – THANK YOU!


Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

10 Pistols
30 Burpees to Plate
50 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
70 Hand Release Push Ups
Max Distance Run