Replace Your Divots

Well, I guess I should say first, “don’t make divots.” How lucky are we? Our gym has a grass floor and an ocean for wallpaper. It’s a damn beautiful thing, too. Unique to a (fake) gym like ours, we don’t own or even lease the space that we use. It’s a park, and one of the world’s finest at that. 

Sometimes a good change of perspective is extremely healthy. So, try this on for size. Regardless of how many days, weeks, months, or years you’ve come out to train on that beautiful bluff, imagine if tomorrow you couldn’t. It’s worth noting that I’m not writing this because someone of authority has asked me to, nor am I upset about any damage on the bluff. In fact, of the training groups out there, we will continue to be the most spectacular activity on the bluff and the least destructive simultaneously.

However, take nothing for granted. So, in your relentless pursuit of a black belt in fitness, when you have the choice between dropping the bar and shaving a half second off your time or placing your bar on the immaculate grass. Choose the latter. Because, even with the opening of DEUCE Gym, we intend on the bluffs improving lives for decades to come.


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:


4 Pistols

12 KB Snatches (53/35)

-Rest 1 Min-


8 Squats

24 KB Swings