Painting in a Grey Area

What if there was no grey area? I don’t think I’m prepared as I write this to argue that everything is black and white, but I must share with you that my inspiration for touching on the subject is our tendency to paint an accommodating grey area. I hear people all the time justify compromises all the time and it’s worth a call out, in my opinion.

You see, when thing are black and white we get uncomfortable. The idea of being wrong or bad is too much for many people to take. So, rather than live in a world with “right” or “wrong,” we say “it depends.” We paint in the grey area.

I hear people say, “Well, I eat about 90% clean, but I just think it’s good to mix it up some.” Rather, than own the situation and say 10% of the time I like to drink beer and eat birthday cake, the speaker is painting the situation grey. “It’s not me, it’s Paleo that’s wrong” is what they’re saying. The same thing is true for training. When people say “Weightlifting just work well with my body, so I do yoga pretty hardcore 5 days a week” they are guilty of this same concept. No one can contest someone saying that they don’t want to be strong or that weights intimidate them, but for some reason folks choose to make the training modality wrong before themselves.

Fitness party.

Fitness party.

I’m sure life has a million and one justifiable grey areas. I just think we shouldn’t make our own. At the end of the day, if you could win a debate arguing your decision making process you’re fine. If not, you’re probably making excuses or displacing responsibility.

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Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:


15 Squats

10 OH Walking Lunges (45/25)

Max Burpee to Plate

-Rest 3 Min-


-Rest 2 min-


-Rest 1 Min-