Fresh Out of Fancy

Last Wednesday, the workout of the day was arguably one of the best workouts we’ve ever done. From a sheer adaptation standpoint and a fitness standpoint, it was powerful to say the least. It was the kind of workout that meets everyone right at their level and makes them a better athlete undoubtably.

What was the workout, you ask?

Six efforts in the 400m run with three minutes of rest between each effort. That’s it. No kettlebells, no barbells, no inverted-one-legged-two-count burpees, just run intervals. Funny thing is.. I bet many of you looked at the workout and were disappointed that it wasn’t nearly as fancy as some of the other workouts we’ve done.

To reinforce my point, here's a really fancy picture.

To reinforce my point, here’s a really fancy picture.

Here’s my two cents, if you’re looking for fancy you’re in the wrong place. If we were sucking you guys in with fancy party tricks, believe me the students that have been around for two years wouldn’t still be here. We are in the business of making people better. I, personally, could care less about how training appears. My concern is with performance. If training is effective at making folks better, then BINGO, we’re in. If it looks cool, I see red flags.

Fun looking workouts are a treat. But, keep in mind that it’s days like Wednesdays that are arguably most critical for you and your fitness.


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Find 1 RM Clean and Press

Then, AMRAP 6:
6 Pushups
6 Broad Jumps

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