Are You Frugal with Your Health?

I don’t care to engage in a political debate on the internet. So, when I mention health care I don’t want your mind to wander to whatever political camp you belong to and prevent you from hearing my message, but just Get More Info. You see, I grew up lucky. My parents we’re (and still are) rockstars. We had insurance. They would jump in front of a train for my brother and I. And, with that my experience with health care was this…

If something went wrong, you went to the doctor and they fix it. And, it was all paid through insurance.

Now, I’m a little older, a lot more poor, and my girlfriend is one the best biomechanically versed doctors within 500 miles of here. For lack of a better phrase, her practice’s philosophy on insurance is that “You can go shove it!” Pretty harsh, right?

I mean I’m pretty sure the 18 year old version of me would say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” to that policy a hundred times out of a hundred. My perspective now is different. Mind you, I don’t have anything against insurance or using it if you got it, but I think there is a fundamental observation here.

Women's Only class meets Saturday's at 8AM - Bring a lady friend!

Women’s Only class meets Saturday’s at 8AM – Bring a lady friend!

We currently live in a world where it’s out of this world to consider paying $500+ for treatment of your body, but we all write checks for the same amount in car repairs and new cellphones. Yea, yea I know you’ve heard this sob story before, but let me finish.

No one likes to miss out on hard earned money. And, yes insurance does save money out of pocket. My gripe is that I see people choose sub par services, or neglect quality treatment all together for their own body, to save a few bucks. It’s my opinion that there are so few people, myself included, that have enough of their ducks in a row to consider their health and fitness handled enough to place priority elsewhere. Yet, the vast majority of us prioritize just about anything before our own body.

Are you being frugal with your health?


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