5/27/16 - Can You Do It Anyway?

Metrics are good, aren’t they? They help us measure and assign value, which is helpful surrounding fleeting concepts like defining fitness and health. They are especially good at creating an environment for improvement. So, naturally, I’ve got a metric for you to consider.

Count the number of days that you don’t feel quite right but you still show up anyway. I’d bet money that any year with particularly more of these days would be a banner year for your health and fitness relative to the rest.

I don’t care whether you’re a professional athlete, stay-at-home mom, weekend warrior, or senior citizen,  there will always be reasons to avoid training. Our own health and fitness practices are often first on the chopping block. What I’m asking is, “Can you do it anyway?” The more you sharpen your ability to set aside these reasons not to train and find a way to show up, the better results you’ll see.

Hell, make it a competition. See if the IRS can audit you, have a root canal, be too sore, have a “work thing,” and still show up that week. You’ll surely be allergic to a rollercoaster fitness journey then.


Logan Gelbrich


5/27/16 WOD

Make 3 attempts at one of the following:

Handstand Push Ups

Push Ups



Then, AMRAP 10

Partner A: 250m Row

Partner B: Rest