Need creativity? Shift: association to action

The gap between those that perceive they are not creative and those that are, is often reduced to action, or lack thereof.

To anyone out there experiencing paralysis by analysis (now, or ever) – I’m with you! Not only can I relate to how frustrating that feels, but I can also empathize with the temptation to talk about that frustration rather than do something about it.

However, in closing the gap between anxious thought and actionable creativity, I urge you (and me) to shift focus… Association to action. Less on being creative, more on creating.

I recently listened to a conversation on the creative process, specifically the difficulty in writing your second novel/piece of work, between writers Elizabeth Gilbert & Neil Gaiman. Now whether you consider yourself a writer or not, I think everyone can relate their respective craft(s) to the space between inspiration and discipline. Additionally, that the passionate inspiration that likely fueled a first project can and must evolve if you’re seeking to continue creating, and regularly.

The good news is that this can be done. It just takes consistent commitment to do your work. As Gaiman put it, “I know that there is inspiration, and I know that inspiration is a wonderful thing. I also know that inspiration is much more likely to show up if I’m at my desk.”

So whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours per day that you commit to writing or producing your next work, will you consistently complete the reps of creation necessary to access creativity? Food for thought till next time:

“You never learn how to write a novel, you just learn to write the novel you’re on.”


Kimmy Moss




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5/12/20 WOD

Shoulder Heath Series:

Complete 2 rounds for quality of:

12 Prone I-Raise

12 Prone Y-Raise

12 Prone Windmills

12 Scap Pushups

12 Cuban Press


Conditioning for a Score:

Then, complete the following for time: