I Wouldn’t Have Hired Me

We all have to start somewhere. When I transitioned to the strength and conditioning business, I became an intern for quite possibly the best person to have a mentor on the planet at the time. Andy Petranek founded the ninth ever CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit LA. Not only was he early in the game, he was maybe the earliest to take this business seriously. Most everyone else was playing wiffle ball while he was in the Big Leagues. 

While there aren’t enough gigabytes in the entire internet to share my gratitude and the insights I took from my time cleaning those bathrooms and eventually holding responsibilities of the retail operation, managing the admin for coaches development, and coaching on the floor, I did learn a lesson that may sound harsh. It’s not a criticism of Andy, who I remain in contact with today and respect more than ever, but it’s a lesson that lives with me every day. Let me explain.

I never would have hired me. 

While I was young, I became fairly good at my job, including but not limited my ability to coach on the floor. I believe objectively that I was a responsible leader who could create value in multiple ways for the company. I was at the pinnacle of fitness ability in the gym and coached great classes. I did everything I was told. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t hire someone like me. 


When I first began as an intern, I stated clearly my goals. They were to follow the advice of my college strength coach and learn from  the best in the world (Andy), so I could create the gym I wanted to create. I didn’t want a job. I wanted to learn. Simply put, I didn’t want that. I wanted this… DEUCE. 

I don’t think any small team can afford to take on any remarkably difficult undertaking without an equally remarkable commitment to the mission. I’ll take the competent team with a commitment unknown to mankind over a cast of highly talented semi-committed individuals eight days a week. 

If we’re going to do the most evolutionary work possible, we need to be armed to the gills with trust and willingness. This starts with commitment. 

Logan Gelbrich




Daily Coaching Video 

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5/11/20 WOD

Dynamic Progression: 

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:

10 Single Leg Hops – Alternate Landing (each)

12 Single Leg Lateral Hops (total)

10 Jumping Lunges (switch)


Sprint Progression:

Complete 4 rounds for distance:

:05 Sprint

-Rest :60-


Then, complete 2 rounds for distance:

:10 Sprint

-Rest :90-


Then, complete 3 rounds for distance:

:15 Sprint

-Rest :90-