For Sensation

Have you ever tried to muscle your way through a task, only to realize more muscle isn’t the solution?

Imagine a push press with violent arm extension, but no hip extension..

Double unders with a higher jump, but slower landing time..

A 2000-word written apology, in lieu of a heartfelt “I’m sorry,” said face-to-face..

Now, imagine yourself in an ice bath. 

In one scenario, you are clenching every muscle in your body, splashing around in panic, consumed by how intense the cold feels. In another scenario, you surrender to whatever the cold “feels” like. You choose to focus exclusively on breath & vision, the two tools you can employ to physiologically alter your state. 

In the gym, we are often expected & conditioned to complete tasks for time, for heaviest weight, for max reps, etc. And for good reason! We are scientifically more likely to exert precious attention & effort towards tasks assigned with a sense of urgency. 

That being said, training drives physical and neurological adaptation.

In sport (and in life), we need power and finesse.

This week, I challenge you to complete more tasks for sensation. In movement, in breath, in exposure, in and outside of the gym.

What “gains” will you make by intentionally not flexing?

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Kimmy Moss


10/10/19 WOD

Make 3 attempts at the following:

Max Kipping HSPU


Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:

12 Toes-to-Bar

12 Alternating Pistols


-Rest 3 minutes-



400m Run

100 Double Unders

Max Toes-to-Bar


-Rest 2 Minutes-



400m Run

100 Double Unders

Max DB Snatches (50/35)