[VIDEO] Breath Pt. 3 – Hypoxic

Our newest specialty course, DEUCE Breath & Exposure, includes three unique breath pathways. In this third and final insight, you’ll get a grasp of another important breath practice: hypoxic training.

You know those weird training masks people have started to wear during training to “mimic training at altitude”? Well, news flash, those masks don’t work. At altitude, there’s less concentration of oxygen in the air. Wearing a silly mask only restricts how much air you can take in. Once it’s inside you, it’s of the same concentration as your current altitude therefore nullifying the intended adaptation.

Hypoxia training, however, does allow us to mimic altitude training by controlling for how we breathe. By manipulating how we take air in, we don’t change the concentration of the oxygen in the air like the training masks falsely claim, but we can create the kind of breathwork adaptation that altitude training drives (and the mask also falsely claims).

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Logan Gelbrich


6/10/19 WOD

Build to a heavy set of 6 back squats…


Then, complete the following for time:

15 Deadlift (225/155)

45 Double Unders


-Rest 2 minutes-


9 Deadlifts (275/175)

27 Double Unders


-Rest 2 minutes-


6 Deadlifts (315/205)

18 Double Unders