DEUCE Breath & Exposure

Whether your goal is to squat over 400 pounds or sleep better at night, (or both), DEUCE Breath & Exposure is here to help you optimize human performance and recovery. B&E integrates a variety of breathwork practices with sauna and ice exposure, and offers three unique opportunities for enrollment.

Breath & Exposure Clinic

An experience and an education.  This three-hour clinic will take you through a series of upregulating & downregulating breathwork, introduce you to basic hypoxic [low oxygen] training, and guide you through contrast exposure, where you’ll cycle back and forth between a 200+ degree sauna and low 30 degree ice bath. You’ll learn to alter your state using basic breath, sauna and ice practices, and leave feeling like your body hit a much-needed reset button. The goal here is simple: provide a world-class experience for you, and equip you with an arsenal of knowledge surrounding breath, heat & ice that provides you with the necessary toolkit to explore your own calibration of B&E protocols.


  • Members $150
  • Non-members $220

Breath & Exposure 101

This 8-week specialty course meets twice a week for one hour to explore breath, heat & ice, and beyond the basics. Each week you’ll train through a variety of breath practices – including apnea, hypoxia, and nasal-only exercises – as well as learn how to more specifically fine-tune sauna, ice, and contrast exposure to best serve your performance and recovery needs. Oh, and did we mention that it’s fun? There’s a reason we call it the truth bath and truth barrel…   

Program Length: 

2 Months (2x per week)


-1 Payment: $350
-2 Payments: $190 ($380)

-1 Payment: $400
-2 Payments: $225 ($450)