[VIDEO] Breath Pt. 1 – Nasal

Our newest specialty course, DEUCE Breath & Exposure, includes three unique breath pathways. In this first of three insights, you’ll get a grasp of the first breath practice: nasal breathing.

With much fanfare in the strength and conditioning community lately, nasal breathing is sending shock waves through the performance scene. Much of this is due to the connection between breath and the central nervous system.

With an abundance of chronic stress, artificial light, screen time, and sugary foods, humanity seems to be tapping our sympathetic (fight or flight) reserves without much regard for parasympathetic (rest and recovery) balance. Could nasal breathing bring us closer to equilibrium?

Logan Gelbrich


5/28/19 WOD

Complete 4 rounds for quality:

:45 L-Sit

2 Turkish Get Ups (AHAP)


Then, EMOM 18

Minute 1: 100′ Sled Push

Minute 2: 8/10 Cals

Minute 3: 20/17 Wall Balls (20/14)