Map vs. Territory

There’s a saying in the neurolinguistic programming (NLP) community that goes like this: “the map is not the territory.” This is an important concept especially when humans interact with one another. Chances are that means you, so listen up.

Everyone you’ve ever met might be looking at the same world as you, but they definitely aren’t seeing what you’re seeing. That’s right. We all have a map, or perspective, of the world we’re living in. Like any actual map you have, whether it’s a globe, a GPS screen, or a map of a different sort keep in mind that it’s a mere interpretation of reality. Considering the limitless detail of, let’s say, the Amalifi coast, I think we all can agree that not only is “the map not the territory”, but the map is a horrible interpretation of the territory considering its beautiful details.

If we can agree on the fact that our perspectives are both unique and inaccurate, then we can begin a dialogue. If, however, you’ve engaged in a discourse with a friend, loved one, or co-worker with the assumption that you both are looking at the same map or, worse yet, that your map is a accurate portrayal of the reality of the territory, then you’re set up for failure.

Recognize you’ve got a map, the person you’re talking with has a map, and they are both different. It’s then that you’ll have the best chance for a connection around truth and understanding.

Logan Gelbrich


11/27/18 WOD

Find a Max Distance Broad Jump…

Then, complete the following for time:

Hang Power Cleans (155/105)