What is “Murph?”

At the beginning of this month, we announced our annual Memorial Day “Murph” event. With just a week until the big day, we wanted to give you some insight as to what this day, and specifically this workout, means to some of us.

After all, we don’t toe the line and do this long workout just for fitness’ sake. The video above is Coach Lindsey’s take on what “Murph” means to her. Stay tuned this week to hear more insights from your DEUCE leadership on Lt. Michael Murphy, the Memorial Day tradition, and what to expect on Monday.

Interested? Join us Monday at noon with BBQ and drinks to follow!


Logan Gelbrich


5/23/16 WOD

Every 3 minutes, for 30 minutes complete the following for load:

1 High Hang Clean

1 Hang Clean

1 Clean